Ammonium Nitrate & Related Products

BDA is one of the foremost suppliers of Ammonium Nitrate (AN) and related products including detonation cords, emulsion, and boosters to the Australian mining sector. Our Ammonium Nitrate is primarily sourced from China, Korea, Turkey, India, Chile, Russia and the Ukraine. We endeavor to ensure the highest quality and consistency for our customers. For over a decade, BDA has been supplying Ammonium Nitrate to some of Australia’s largest companies. BDA is currently expanding operations to include Ammonium Nitrate storage facilities with plans to construct such facilities at various locations across Australia with close proximity to mine sites.

Blasting Services

Phoenix Blasting Services Pty Ltd “PBS” was incorporated in Australia with the aim of providing the domestic mining industry with a full suite of products and services. PBS entered into a joint venture with Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemical Corporation Limited (a global leader and the world’s fifth largest manufacturer of AN) and the senior management team, to establish Platinum Blasting Services Pty Ltd in 2014. With a collective blasting experience of more than 80 years, Platinum Blasting Services Pty Ltd provides a full suite of products and services for all blasting requirements, including Ammonium Nitrate, detonating cords, down-the-hole services, boosters and emulsion. Through this joint venture, we are able to continue to provide comprehensive solutions to the multifaceted challenges and demands of our customers. Further details may be viewed at: www.platinumblasting.com