Through years of operating in the highly technical Australian mining industry, BDA has cultivated solid business relationships and a reputation based on the continued pursuit for delivering excellence to our clients. Capitalizing on our specialized market knowledge and thorough understanding of our clients’ requirements and hurdles faced, BDA has identified opportunities and crafted strategies to progress current business practices for mutual benefit. Armed with an in-depth knowledge of the tight regulations, dynamic and challenging business environments, and limitations due to archaic technologies and practices that our clients face, BDA is able to swiftly execute solutions that are an amalgamation of fulfilling current requirements with distinct opportunities for expansion. BDA works in conjunction with stakeholders throughout the entire lifecycle of development and ensures success by utilizing the following process:

Identification and Evaluation – preliminary works and feasibility studies are conducted by a select team of experts to ensure project viability. The latest technologies and innovations from around the world are assessed during the conceptual phase to ensure the future success of the asset.

Workshops – the scope of work for all involved is clearly defined, with international work shops held to provide the latest information and technology to ensure all parties work together in a cohesive manner.

Implementation – BDA continues to work in conjunction with EPC contractors during this stage.

Operations and Management (Optional) – where required, BDA can mobilize a highly skilled international team to ensure the successful operation and management of the asset upon completion of construction.

Solar Power

Recognizing the growing demands and benefits of renewable energy sources, we have completed a detailed due diligence as well as conducted a full analysis on the economic viability of a 100MW solar power plant located near Three Springs, Western Australia. We have acquired 502 Hectares of land for this project, with the capability to further expand the plant if desired. Power will be evacuated through the Three Springs sub-station with grid connection to a 330 KV line. We have obtained a PPA for off-take once the plant is commissioned, further securing the viability of the project for potential investors. We are currently in the final stages of raising equity capital for investment in this project.

Ammonium Nitrate Storage Facilities

During its years of operating within the mining industry, BDA has recognized the requirement for AN storage facilities. Using their technical expertise and long standing business relationships, BDA is presently conducting feasibility studies for various locations for such facilities with close proximity to mine sites in Western Australia.

Diesel Storage Facility

In 2007 our Managing Director Prakash Seth noted the increasing disparity between demand from the mining industry for diesel and supply capabilities of existing refineries within Australia. With a vision to create the world’s first completely unmanned facility, the 75 Mega Litre diesel storage facility was designed by BDA, using the latest state of the art technologies and systems available from around the world. All processes including product testing, accounting and inventory management, and security systems, were fully automated, with complete suppliers & customers integration online, thus requiring no humans. BDA raised capital for the $50 million project, and under the structure of a joint venture with Morgan Stanley, developed the storage facility. The facility is one of a kind with two patented inventions created by our Managing Director, Prakash Seth. This diesel storage facility is located in Mackay, Queensland, with an annual throughput capacity of 1.8 billion Litres. Blue Oil Energy’s share in this facility was sold in 2015.