Blue Diamond Australia Pty Ltd is a family owned business that trades and invests in various commodities and commodity related infrastructure. We also act as project partner and advisor in the fields of industrial explosives for mining, and asset development. BDA has several significant strategic partnerships to facilitate business operations on a domestic and international scale.


Our vision is to add tangible value to the communities within which we operate by way of developing physical assets and infrastructure, creating innovative methods to improve environmental sustainability, and cultivating our next generation of talent.



Highlighted as our most treasured asset, we aim to continually acquire and develop talent to ensure those that we work with are inspired, and committed to creating innovative methods that exceed the expectations of our customers and stakeholders. We are dedicated to making a real impact on the community, with a company policy of a minimum 10% of the project workforce employed to be new graduates in efforts to reduce youth unemployment.


The foundation of all we do, the safety of our people, community and the environment as a whole are our fundamental priority. Due to our extensive training, development and quality processes, we are proud to have zero accidents and negative environmental impacts to date.

Sustainability and Innovation

With an emphasis on improving resource efficiency, our efforts are primarily aimed at aiding global issues caused by a burgeoning world population, without compromising environmental and community responsibilities.

Company History

Blue Diamond Australia

Blue Diamond Australia Pty. Ltd. “BDA” was incorporated in 1985 in Sydney, Australia with the initial vision to operate as a trading company, supplying the domestic and international markets with various chemical and petro chemical products. As BDA grew, a strategy of diversification allowed for expansion into the primary divisions of today: Industrial Explosives for Mining, Energy Asset Development, and Soft Commodities. With a long established presence in the Mining Industry, BDA has built a solid reputation as a reliable source of high quality industrial explosives, and blasting services through a strategic partnership. BDA is now increasingly focused on investing in Green Projects. In-house inventions coupled with innovations from around the world are concentrated towards enhancing projects namely in the areas of energy, water resources and agriculture.


Prakash Seth

Managing Director

Prakash Seth is the company founder and current Managing Director, overseeing all operations in various locations. In his career, Prakash has worked for some of the most notable organisations in the world, across numerous geographic markets, effecting significant transformations under his leadership. With more than three decades of multifaceted experience in industries including energy, industrial chemicals and explosives, manufacturing and construction, Prakash brings an innovative vision and passion to the business and its clients.